Thoughts on a train. 🚞

I’ve always found train journeys to be rather tedious, especially when they stretch out for over 10 hours. I would often find myself sleeping most of the time and I would occasionally read or stare out of the window.

I’ve always wondered how some couples have such interesting stories about how they met, where they met, and the extraordinary circumstances under which they got married. These cases are so rare to find these days considering the comparatively shorter duration of relationships that I come across so often now (please don’t celebrate your anniversary, you two have literally just been dating for a MONTH). You’re more like acquaintances than life partners.

Anyway, I think it would be cool to have a story to tell the grandkids about how I met their grandmother while I was trekking up a mountain in the Himalayas or something (hah).

mixed emotions in his head
it’s the journey he would dread,
"16 whole hours?!"
impatient and impervious,
to his berth he was the earliest
with a rucksack and a guitar.

"flowers! flowers here! pretty stickers!"
hawkers cajoled the passengers.
quiet, calm, alone with his thoughts,
he had just shut his eyes
when a voice nearby
said "hey, you're in my spot."

annoyed at first
he was about to curse
but he looked up and held back.
her open hair and
her steely stare
her eyes and hair, jet black.

a conversation struck like lightning
the journey had become exciting,
kilometres felt like feet.
right person, right place, right time
lines blurred between yours and mine.
are soulmates really meant to meet
in a train? on a seat?

he knew his stop was approaching
"her number, her name, get something!"
*beep* nine, *beep* four, *beep*...
he opened his eyes
when a voice nearby said
"how do you snore AND smile in your sleep?" 🤔



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